Specialising in Computer Science, with its continuously evolving curriculum, a passion for learning is essential to remain successful. As an educator I am very much a believer that the teacher should facilitate and not lead learning. The focus should not be on knowledge acquisition, but original knowledge constructs. Holistically developing student skills, such as inquiry, critical analysis, as well as reflection and critiquing, develops more efficient, independent life long learners. Another passion is integrating technology throughout a curriculum. This not only creates new learning opportunities but solves problems, breaks down barriers, and enhances pedagogy. In recent years I have begun to support both struggling teachers, as well as those requiring formal qualifications, allowing me to further develop my coaching skills in a more universal context.

Currently the Leader of E-Learning, Teacher Support & Training and Head of Computer Science (and legacy ICT) at The English College in Prague (ECP), Czech Republic. ECP is an international school based off the English selective grammar school model. The school delivers a creative curriculum at level 1, IGCSEs at 2 and the International Baccalaureate Diploma at level 3. Prior to my arrival, ECP only delivered ICT to IGCSE (level 2), though with some pre-planning, I introduced and wrote an entire level 1, IGCSE in Computer Science (phasing out ICT) and the IB Diploma in Computer Science (no ITGS nor Computer Science prior) curricula. With the school just introducing Google Apps for Education, my whole school position as the Leader of E-Learning was also to integrate this with a future plan to introduce a 1:1 "bring your own device" model. On top of this I have also introduced a whole school Intranet, contributed a key role in introducing communication infrastructure, and play an integral part in future planning in both technology integration within systems and as one of the quartet of the Learning and Teaching team. For Teacher Support & Training I have taken colleagues through the UK's Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and Newly Qualified Teacher year (NQT). Staff who need support in teahcing & learning and/or learning management also work with me.

Prior to this I had the position of Technology Integration Facilitator at Qatar Academy (QA), Doha. QA is an IB World School, delivering the PYP, MYP (The Next Chapter) and DP to students from all around the world. My responsibilities were to promote the holistic 21st Century Learning model throughout the school, coordinate cross curricular links and coach both staff and students to enhance learning through technology integration. Prior to this I spent four years at Dixons City Academy, Bradford, England. Dixons City Academy is a high achieving, outstanding inner city school, whereby my students achieved excellent progress, even with finishing courses early. As well as teaching, I held the role of Technology Innovations Coordinator within the Academy. This included staff training, running focus groups, developing and testing new technologies, co-ordinating with external organisations, presenting to parents and governors, working with senior management, assisting with the 1:1 tablet implementation and ensuring its future scope and ongoing success. In the past I was also the Drugs & Peer Education Coordinator, whereby I recruited up to 40 upper schools students who trained, planned and delivered drugs education lessons to lower school classes.

With a background in web programming, I have a great passion in how technology can be integrated across all curriculum, more specifically, its use in solving problems, breaking down barriers and collaboration. Using Windows and OSX (Apple) at home has helped me develop expertise, which is backed by my fortune to have taught on both platforms in multiple schools. Since being an NQT I have used several different Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices to enhance my pedagogy, and with the Vice Principal of Learning and Teaching, coordinated the Dixons City Academy’s 1:1 Android tablet rollout. At Qatar Academy I also worked with a whole school infrastructure based on Google Apps for Educations and Chrome Apps. This has allowed me to become extremely well accustomed to all major operating systems and how the related devices/infrastructures can aid learning and teaching. At ECP I lead the whole school initiative in rolling out Google Apps for Education, as well as play a key role in the staggered rollout of a BYOD programme.


Daniel Ibbitson

D.O.B: 01/1987
Nationality: British

Personal Statement


Personal Statement

Work Experience

English College in Prague, Prague - Leader of E-Learning, Teacher Support & Head of Computer Science (2015-present)
Qatar Academy, Doha - Technology Integration Facilitator (2014-2015)
Dixons City Academy, England - Technology Innovation Coordinator, Teacher of ICT (2010-2014)
North Halifax Grammar School, England - Second PGCE Placement (2010)
Brooksbank High School, England - First PGCE Placement (2009)
Ryburn Valley High School, England - TA (2009)

Other Responsibilities

Teacher Support - 2018 to present
Leader of E-Learning - 2015 to present
Head of Computer Science (and legacy ICT) - 2015 to present
Technology Integration Facilitator - 2014 to 2015
Technology Innovation Coordinator - 2013 to 2014
Drugs & Peer Education Coordinator - 2011 to 2013
Form Tutor - 2010 to 2014, 2015 to present
Running of the innovations in technology group - 2013 to 2014, 2015 to present
Assistant in the organisation of the annual Year 7 Indiction Residential - 2011 to 2014
Development of Student Dashboard (software) - 2012 to present
Development of the DCA Behaviour Logger (software) - 2013 to 2014
Led various internal and external workshops - various employers and continents

Course Experience

Level 3:
IB Diploma Computer Science - 2015 to present
IB Diploma ITGS - Taught and supervised the Extended Essay
BTEC Level 3, IT Practitioners - 2010 to 2014
A Level ICT - 2010

Level 2:
IGCSE Computer Science - 2015 to present
IGCSE ICT - 2015 to 2016
MYP (The Next Chapter) - 2014- to 2015
BTEC Level 2 in ICT - 2013 to 2014
Cambridge Nationals n ICT - 2012 to 2014
OCR Nationals in ICT - 2010 to 2013
GCSE ICT - 2010

Level 1:
Computer Science - Introduced and taught at ECP
UK National Curriculum - Key Stage 3


PGCE in Secondary ICT Teaching (2009-2010)
BA/Hons Interactive Multimedia (2005-2008)
GCSEs & A Levels (1998-2005)


Java - V. Confident
OOP Java - V. Confident
Python - V. Confident
PHP - V. Confident
SQL - V. Confident
CSS - V. Confident
HTML - V. Confident
ActionScript - Confident
JavaScript - Confident
Objective C - Adequate

Adobe Dreamweaver - V. Confident
Adobe Photoshop - V. Confident
Adobe Fireworks - V. Confident
Adobe Flash - V. Confident
Scratch - V. Confident
App Inventor - V. Confident
Office Suit - V. Confident
iWork Suit - V. Confident
Kudo - Confident

OS X - V. Confident
Windows - V. Confident
iOS - V. Confident
Android - V. Confident
Chrome OS - V. Confident
Linux - Confident

Google Apps for Education - V. Confident


External Public Speaking/Workshops
Meaningful Autonomy in Teacher Professional Development, 2020 - COBIS Webinar
Spoke at The IB Global Conference UAE, 2019 - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Spoke at Doha College Anual Conference, 2014 - Doha College, Doha, Qatar
Spoke at Qatar Foundation Mini-NESA Conference, 2014 - Qatar Academy, Doha, Qatar
Spoke at the iThink Therefor iLearn Conference, Education Innovations Conference, 2014 - Manchester Central Centre.
Spoke at The Tablets for Schools Conference, 2013 Conference - QEII Conference Centre, Westminster, London
Focused Technology for Learning workshops - Collaboration, flipped classroom, assessment etc...
Written blogs for The Educational App Store - -
Written a blog for Tablets for Schools -
Weekly drop in sessions staff training sessions as well as formal CPD training
Works with Tablets for Schools in their research on tablets in education
Attended the Google tablets in education workshop 2013 - Google HQ, London
Creator of App Share:EDU - share apps and ideas on how to use them in education
Creator of the Student Dashboard - online comment banks, feedback and assessment tracker
Creator of the Behaviour logger - web based tracker for behaviour, allowing customised register and report print outs.


ECP Intranet

An online Intranet with a staff and student bulletins, student information, key documents, media etc...

Pupil Dashboard

Teachers can create customised comment banks to feedback to students. Grades can also be documented and fed back on this. From their own 'Dashboard', students then action plan their next step/s from their feedback. Peer feedback can also be done from their own dashboards.

BFL Logger

A quick system to instantly log behaviours and the reasoning for them. Used to log detentions for the evening of the behaviour, the system instantly displays who is staying back and for what reason.

IB Diploma Computer Science Revision Guide

A IB Diploma Comuter Science Revision Website

IGCSE Computer Science Revision Guide

A IGCSE Comuter Science Revision Website

Cambridge National Revision Guide

A 67 page revision guide created to support KS4 students through their Cambridge Nationals exam.

Potential Projects?

Daniel Ibbitson